Sunday, October 16, 2011

'Letter From Tigress, the Pit Bull' & 'Narration of Plastic Lizards'

A Letter from Tigress, 
the PitBull                                                         
Dear Large Dark Male;
How is your hairless head? 
I lay in the bed 
and think of licking it like 
at the cage place. Nobody
makes me take many
baths now. I don’t roll 
in my shit now.

The large male here is kind 
but not boss, a soap
smell but lets no 
licking though I get all the plates;
ketchuppy meatloaf, spicy rice, chicken
fingers and bottoms of salad and 
there’s a lot!
I am so fat! I am glorious!  I wish
you could see me shine some day.
I don’t think how
my own bones tempted me to gnaw myself before
you got me off the road
with the cage truck.
Don’t worry!

It’s still secret

that I sat on your lap as we drove.

The large female here is good and full
of smells, I love
the butter, the sour morning, that coffee stuff, the
blood, the armpits.

After the male and children go out the door

we chew each others’ ears and arms on the floor, 
snooze, then she zooms 
around putting things
back and then we walk and it’s good.

The small female is like a turkey but I’m not stupid.

Anyway it’s the small male I adore.
He beats me all the time.
His love for me shakes
his whole body, if he
were a dog he would hump me
like mad! He dives on me screaming
 “banzai!” from the sit-relax thing and yanks
on every limb and ratty nipple I have at
least he doesn’t poke
my eyeballs.
His whole face fits in my mouth.
That’s how I kiss him,
pinned on my back
by his loneliness.

The large female says into the talk-thing

he is brilliant, only
five, fragile; she’s dull
in the nose, always shocked.
I could smell my destiny

on him the first day!
He pays me
in bed, our bodies
stretched out long playing nose-in-ear 
his breath chocolatey, whispering
all the mysteries
of his days away
from home missing me.

I miss you sometimes, 
large, dark male, smelly head, enormous lap,
menthol in the run, oil, gasoline in the garage
even the the cage place, spare rib scraps and chop
bones from your home but I
am needed here.
And I am glad,
so glad,
I did not die.
Thank you.

Narration of Plastic Lizards
Tonsil is small but equipped with a killing
claw, throwback Deinonychus,
killer Utahraptor  
ferocious talons and
better than T-Rex
which was just a scavenger.

Tonsil is small, only an animal alive
today among many such as Wisso and Plato who
fight together although they are brothers,
Tonsil and Wisso, Plato
is the sister.
Who will win remains to be seen.
They are not the same species but
have the same mother,
a climber of remarkable heights.
Plato is small and may not survive mating.
Tonsil and Wisso and Plato each weigh
seven ounces and walk over water
using foot flags.

Only Tonsil has the killing claw, like his father.
Wisso and Plato are herbivores but will eat bees,
praying mantises, larvae, krill in a pond.

I can resist doing something fun because I would rather stay home
and not put on my shoes.


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